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Are you thinking about getting a loan? We suggest you reading our collection of FAQ’s to get answers to questions you may have about loans.

Should I consider getting a loan?

If you find yourself in a sudden need of money, for example, you receive an unexpectedly big bill for a service, first – talk over with whomever you got your bill from and explain the situation you’re in. If you suffer from a chronic debt problem, taking a loan can make the situation worse. Be aware of your financial status at any time.

How much will I pay?

Interest rates vary in different financial companies. That is where comes in handy, because you can actually compare rates, terms and conditions to find the most efficient loan strategy for your needs.
You should always check the small print in loan provider web page, but in majority of cases you don’t have to worry about administration fees or hidden costs. So be careful, considering your payments.

How do I get a loan?

You can apply for a loan using an online application form. To get the loan you have to be over 18, employed, with a regular monthly income and have a bank account.
Even though the application is easy, you shouldn’t rush into getting a loan. Be careful and read all the information, small print, terms and conditions on the politics of financial enterprise which you find most efficient after comparing all the options in

What happens if I can’t pay back my loan?

If you're not able to pay back loan on time, contact your lender immediately to discuss your payment options. If you miss payments or fail to repay your loan then it is quite possible that the lender will leave a bad mark in your credit reference file. This can cause difficulties to obtain credit, leasing or other financial services in the future. Serious cases of missed payments (non-payment) can be brought to court. In this case, the court costs will be added to the amount of your debt. For more information about loan conditions visit your lender’s website.
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